Mission, Values & Vision


Our Mission is:

  • to identify, share, and promote best practice through Process Benchmarking
  • to share experiences, ensure best value and other improvement initiatives
  • to collect and share comparative data
  • to work collaboratively in an inclusive manner to improve service delivery

all with regard to parks, green spaces, grounds maintenance and other related services, on behalf of our member organisations, residents and visitors.


  1. We are committed to cleaner, safer parks and green spaces that are sustainably managed as centres of horticultural excellence.
  2. We believe that well maintained parks and green spaces that are highly valued by the entire community can be central to the regeneration and general improvement of the local urban environment.
  3. We consider open, honest and meaningful consultation with all stakeholders can engender civic pride and increase the number of responsible visitors.
  4. We regard the state of public health and a sustainable work/life balance to be a key driver in the design, range of facilities and use of our parks and green spaces.
  5. We attach great importance to innovative leadership and the use of true, collaborative partnerships to gain investment to continually improve our parks and green spaces.
  6. We believe that training and development of all staff is essential to improve the quality of parks and green spaces.


Our Vision is of a future where parks and green spaces are:


Parks and green spaces have the status, appreciation and support they deserve both from the public and politicians. Best practice in promotion and marketing has raised awareness of their importance.

Parks and green space receive the necessary revenue and investment resources. Their provision has become a statutory service with further legislative protection.

The disposal of parks and green spaces and their unsympathetic development has been opposed.


A forum exists to explore Continuous Improvement. Best Practice in management has been identified. Methods of determining key performance information such as on visitor numbers and satisfaction levels have been developed.

Beautiful green places exist that are well managed and safe. They reflect the needs of the community with:

  • improved and increased facilities
  • enhanced biodiversity
  • horticultural excellence
  • cost effective provision

The heritage, identity and diversity of parks and green spaces have been protected.

The best methods of reducing crime and the fear of crime have been identified and widely implemented.

Supported by Partnerships

True partnerships exist between the public and private sectors for the provision of services to the highest standards. The community is involved in the management of parks and green spaces through Friends Groups and other local forums.

A well-trained, representative workforce exists which receives the appropriate pay and recognition.

The various organisations that share this Vision are working in collaboration.